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Procurement Services

We have developed a high level of expertise and experience in sourcing products for our own business activities - skills and experience that we have applied to help several customers source what they need for their usually large projects. For example:-

  • Several projects involving large meterage Qld Main Roads specification koala fencing (including steel posts & caps, painted zincalum steel sheet, PVC coated chain wire mesh, PVC coated wire);

  • Galvanised steel pipe & RHS, chain wire mesh and fencing wire for a major fencing contractor;

  • Specialised HDMI cable products for a wholesale distributor;

  • Other unique products (outside the fencing products market), including electronics products, packaging materials;

  • Stainless steel mesh products for a large Perth area project, special school project in Sydney;

  • Custom specifications for a special hinge joint mesh for a New Caledonia customer;

  • Kangaroo proof fencing project in the Central Coast NSW area - some 4,500m of special fencing to keep costs at a target level and delivering a highly effective boundary fence for a large orchard development;

  • Painted steel coil materials for a Qld roll forming company:-

    • product sourced from Taiwan after extensive specification & supplier assessment;

    • getting sample material for test roll forming;

    • culminating in independent 3rd party laboratory testing of production material against rigorous specifications;

    • this now an ongoing monthly supply relationship with the customer and will be extended into other products.


We work with our customers and apply our on-ground China and Taiwan personnel resources to ....

  • carefully define the detailed specifications and other quality requirements (eg. material criteria, packaging, lengths etc);

  • find potential suppliers and assess them in detail by visiting their factories to completely understand their capabilities;

  • get samples and other materials for assessment by our customer;

  • arrange independent testing done to verify specification compliance;

  • negotiate the supply agreement / contract with the supplier including pricing, delivery times, inspection & testing requirements;

  • manage the entire logistics process right from the sea (or air) freight from the China port, customs entry in Australia and delivery to the customers premises or project site.


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To undertake often complex procurement and supply projects, we have close working relationships with all the key parties in the supply chain.

The end result is that we always save our customers significant $ on their costs - usually 20 - 40%  savings making them more profitable and competitive.

Call us on 1300 59 00 59 to discuss how we can help save you big $ on your next major project.